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Fit and Toned Program

“It’s not motivating to workout at the gym and I find I’m not getting the results I want by myself”

– We hear you and instead we’re offering you something different…

Fun, Varied Workouts That Are Also Challenging 

Exercises tailored for weight loss and toning that really challenge you and train you to be fit. Best of all no two workouts are the same which means you’re never bored and are always progressing.

Personal Attention

It’s like personal training in a group environment. Our coaches are always around ensuring you have proper form to maximize your workouts or giving you modifications to prevent or work around injuries.

Motivation to Push Past Limits

Our coaches encourage you to gently push past your limits which means a stronger, healthier you that feels 100% more confident about herself.

Lose Weight and Tone

Getting stronger and more confident is only step 1. Our coaches will help motivate you to drop inches, flatten your stomach and help you look your best in clothes.

Fit and Toned Program – Success Stories

Click on each name below to view their success story:

Michelle lost 15lbs, Dropped 6% Body Fat, Went From a Size 10 to a Size 6 and Fits into Her Dream Wedding Dress!

After joining to get ready for her wedding, Michelle got amazing results and still continues to progress in her fitness.
Michelle now works out regularly following a modified program designed to keep her in the best of shape while pregnant so she can ensure the safest delivery and continue her progress even with big things happening in her life.

Nathalie burned 50lbs of fat and kept it off!


“I realized that I wasn’t happy with the body I had since I slowly kept gaining weight year after year and my physical condition was deteriorating. I tried joining a local gym a few times in the past but I would get bored and discouraged easily and I was kinda clueless about what to do.

After joining, the results I have achieved within the program are a noticeable increase of energy and a better physical state. I dropped 50lbs and10% of body fat and a drop in clothing size from 10 to 4. Also I learned healthier eating habits and discipline within myself.”

Ewelina lost 14lbs, 7.5% body fat and dropped 4 dress sizes.

After gaining weight during her last pregnancy, Ewelina hated trying on clothes, started having low self esteem and despite knowing better, found herself eating a lot of junk food.

After joining the program she got her lifestyle in order and now finds her clothes fit better, people comment on how good she looks and she walks around with more self confidence and higher energy levels.

Mona lost over 30lbs of fat, dropped 18+ inches off her body and went from a size 14 to a size 6

Lose Weight & Tone With Our 28 Day FitLean Kickstart Program

We accept 5 people into our program every month and enrolment is by application only. Click below to see if you qualify:


See If You Qualify

Guaranteed Results From a Proven Program

All of our Fit and Toned Programs are proven to deliver results or your money back. On average our clients lose 20-50lbs in a way that’s sustainable.

This means helping you move better, eat better and push past any plateaus you may be facing right now.

We consistently deliver great results through our 3 pronged approach:

Bootcamps That Feel Like Personal Training

Bootcamps That Feel Like Personal Training

Whether you wish to tone your arms, butt or stomach we got you covered! Our Progression Model of exercise makes bootcamps feel like personal training which means targeted to your goals. Our coaches will help you master form and progress you beyond your limits even if you’re not a stranger to the gym. This means you get the most out of every workout and are constantly challenged to keep improving.

Personalized Nutrition

Personalized Nutrition

Our nutrition program is optimized for helping you get passed any plateaus and into the next level of toned and lean. This means no one-size-fits-all meal plans and instead we help teach you what to eat, when to eat and in what portions for your personal tastes and goals.

1-on-1 Lifestyle Coaching

1-on-1 Lifestyle Coaching

We understand you may already have a solid grasp of the basics so we’ll help you deal with the missing factors – applying those basics more consistently and optimizing them to avoid plateaus. You’ll work 1-on-1 with a coach to help you sustainably reach and keep your leanness and toning goals.

Lose Weight & Tone With Our 28 Day FitLean Kickstart Program

We accept 5 people into our program every month and enrolment is by application only. Click below to see if you qualify:


See If You Qualify