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Weight Loss and Health Program

“It’s intimidating to workout beside the Barbie’s at the gym”

– We hear you and instead we’re offering you something different…

Personal Attention

Work with a coach that genuinely cares about your comfort and success. Imagine having an ally on your side providing individual focus tailored to your fitness level and goals.

Motivation to Believe in Yourself 

There is a success story inside every woman we work with and our coaches 110% committed to motivating, encouraging and supporting you at each step of your personal success story.

Food and Exercise All in One

When we say lifestyle focused we truly mean LIFEstyle. Our programs come standard with exercise, nutrition and lifestyle coaching.

No Diets, Only Real Food

We’ll show you how to never diet and instead teach you to enjoy real, whole foods without restriction, deprivation or meal replacements.

Weight Loss & Health Program – Success Stories

Click on each name below to view their success story:

Lee Anne Dropped 27lbs, Shed 14.5″ of fat, Went from size 12 to 8, and dropped 9% body fat


Despite being in her 40s Lee Anne is now fitter than she was at 25.

In addition to regularly coming to the Bootcamps Lee Anne is also able to enjoy playing volleyball, baseball and balance that out with a busy professional career.

Best of all she has no fears of returning to her old self.

Nathalie burned 50lbs of fat and kept it off!


“I realized that I wasn’t happy with the body I had since I slowly kept gaining weight year after year and my physical condition was deteriorating. I tried joining a local gym a few times in the past but I would get bored and discouraged easily and I was kinda clueless about what to do.

After joining, the results I have achieved within the program are a noticeable increase of energy and a better physical state. I dropped 50lbs and10% of body fat and a drop in clothing size from 10 to 4. Also I learned healthier eating habits and discipline within myself.”

Julie lost 20lbs, and Burned Over 14″ of Fat off her Body Despite a Reconstructed Knee!


“I was feeling generally sluggish – I wanted to get some energy back. Didn’t like the way my clothes were (not) fitting. Also, after having my skiing accident I was very hesitant with doing anything physical again but in the end that was just holding me back so I knew I needed a change.

I have dropped from 189lbs to 165lbs and 14.5″ of fat off my body (more than 20lbs of pure fat in total!) – more importantly – to date, have kept it off!”

Overcoming challenges, Randa was able to make an inside-out transformation and lose 25lbs of fat 

Despite being hard of hearing, overcoming injuries and a lifetime of weight loss related challenges Randa was able to transform herself from the inside out:

“I gained a lot of weight, put a lot of strain on my knees and caused me to feel down all the time because I no longer fit in my clothes and enjoy daily and fun activities. Because of my hearing loss, my balance was very bad and I could lose my balance easily. Since starting, I made new friends, my life is much happier now, my balance is way much better (I don’t have to hold onto anything), I am more fit and I can wear my old clothes that I wasn’t able to wear for the past couple of years.”

Ready to stop the cycle of losing and gaining weight? Apply for out 12 Week Lean & Lovely Program:

We accept 5 people into our program every month and enrolment is by application only. Click below to see if you qualify:


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Guaranteed Results From a Proven Program

All of our Weight Loss and Health Programs are proven to deliver results or your money back. On average our clients lose 20-50lbs in a way that’s sustainable.

This means helping you move better, eat better and improve your relationship with food without any extreme diets or workouts.

Instead our programs focus on 3 factors of success:

Bootcamps That Feel Like Personal Training

Bootcamps That Feel Like Personal Training

Whether you’re a beginner, dealing with injuries or have’t worked out in a while we got you covered! Our Progression Model of exercise makes bootcamps feel like personal training. Our coaches walk you towards workout mastery in a sequential, self-paced progression of exercises which means you’re always improving but never beyond your comfort or ability.

Personalized Nutrition

Personalized Nutrition

Our nutrition program is based around teaching you to eat real, whole food without any restrictive diets. This means no one-size-fits-all meal plans and instead we help teach you what to eat, when to eat and in what portions for your personal tastes and goals.

1-on-1 Lifestyle Coaching

1-on-1 Lifestyle Coaching

We understand that making a lifestyle change is hard which is why our coaches are there to support you at every step of the way. We focus on helping you develop healthy lifestyle habits that last, which means helping you transform from the inside out.

Ready to stop the cycle of losing and gaining weight? Apply for our 12 Week Lean & Lovely Program:

We accept 5 people into our program every month and enrolment is by application only. Click below to see if you qualify:


See If You Qualify